Life with  Master Hsuan Hua

Master Hsuan Hua was the Ninth Patriarch of the Wei Yang Sect, the forty-fifth generation
since the First Patriarch Mahakashyapa, and head of the Chan lineage (Zen) of Buddhism
until he passed away June 7, 1995, at the age of seventy-seven. On the surface life with
Master Hua may seem difficult because most of his left home disciples ate once a day and
slept sitting up, as did the Master. Also, the day began at 3:40 AM and ended at 10 PM,
constant meditation, ceremonies and work. I fasted twice over a month, and once over two
months, on only 12 ounces of water a day, as did others, all as an offering for world peace. I
vowed to never handle money, and kept it for ten years. Some kept vows of silence; all
engaged in extreme discipline. But, the real work was keeping up with the Master's constant
effort to make us grow inwardly and attain realization. He had tremendous spiritual
penetrations and compassionately used them to peer into his disciples' minds, undermine
their clinging and attachment, and root them out. This is what many found unbearable; few
could take it; most left.  But, those that put forth the extra effort could take it, and grew.
I contemplate all the world as equal, without this or that
and without thought of love or hate
I have no greed or attachment
or limitations or obstacles
Constantly, for everyone, I speak the Dharma equally
Equally for one as I would for a multitude
I constantly expound and spread the dharma
and have no other work
coming, arising, sitting, or standing
I never grow weary
filling the entire world
with the moisture of the Universal Rain