My teacher, Master Hsuan Hua,
dictated instructions for me in
1977, which I only recently
received. The calligraphy, by the
master calligrapher Ong Sung An,
was translated today by Ron and
Ocean Epstein, pictured here.

My son, Kai, left, in the Kuan Yin
Hall after evening ceremonies.
Buddhist pratitioner and scholar, David Rounds and myself discussing the recent
Shurangama Sutra translation of which he was translation committee head.
My son, Kailash
Kailash with his sister, Mudra, in
the Kuan Yin Hall, City of Ten
Thousand Buddhas
Myself beside the "Arhat Bell." It
is inscribed with the entire
Shurangama Mantra.
With my father's twin, Lee,
still strong at 96
With my daughter Mudra,
Berkeley, CA
Gary Zukav and I
A day at the stupa on the side of Halekala Crater. Picture on right;
from left to right My son Kailash, Jeff Munoz, myself, Linda, Gary
Zukav, Ravi Dass.
Myself, Ravi Dass, Gary Zukav,
Linda Francis, Jeff Munoz, Daniel
My daughter, Rachel, shares a moment with Lama Gyaltsen who
has been a close friend since her birth.
Thahity temple complex, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal, above, and Basantapur temple complex at the
head of New Road, Kathmandu's main shopping area and city center, below. Within the city of
Kathmandu there are many temples located in the middle of residential and commercial areas. The
one above is a hidden gem in the heart of a busy shopping area, one easy to miss if you don't notice
the entrance off the main road. The Kathesimbhu stupa sits in a secret courtyard near Thahity Tol, in
the same complex. It is a miniature of the famous Swoyambu Stupa, and was built in 1650 from left
over materials of that stupa,
Sogan Rinpoche, Radha, and I, Maui, Hawaii. Rinpoche completed a
three day teaching this month at my home here on Maui.
My daughter, Rachel, with HH Dali Lama, Dharmsala, India, 2013.
The stupa and temple complex near my hotel where I go everyday,
Kati Shing Kun. One of the beauties of Nepal is its abundance of
temples. Ths particular stupa was made from the remains of the
Swoyambu Stupa. .
Aung San Suu Kyi is visiting Nepal now. She is
pictured here at the Kata Shing Kun stupa in
Kathmandu, where she also gave a talk at a
Photos: Leh Ladakh: My daughter, Rachel, left, with the Namgyal Tsemo
Gompa in backround. Maitrey image,  above. Myself,left, Leh Palace.
Those who did not have the opportunity to attend the Kalachakra initiation in Leh, Ladakh can
listen to the teaching on the official website of HH Dali Lama.
Click here to listen.
Above right, my daughter Rachel and I with HH Dali Lama in Mcleod Ganj, India,
and left, with HH 17th Karmapa, at his nearby "temporary residence," Gyuto
Tantric Monastery, Dharamshala, District Kangra, India. (August 2014)
Well protected tourist, Leh, Ladakh. Site of recent Kalachakra empowerment
by HH Dali Lama, in backround.
Above: Dharma master  Heng Shun and I at the City of Ten
Thousand Buddhas. DM Shun and I took bhiksu precepts
together in 1976.
It was a fortuitus meeting to offer to teach English to a Tibetan scholar,
Rigzin Dhargey, for not only did I learn from him as I taught, but I became a
student myself of his father, a renowned yogi of this Himalayan region,
Orgyen Dhargey. We are pictured here at the holy site of Pema Tso, sacred
to Guru Rinpoche.
My neighbors snuggling on a cold January afternoon on the ledge outside my room in
Trees often appropriate small temples in Nepal. It
is quite remarkable how they do that. Often the
temples have sturdy cement foundations, but the
roots somehow find their way to embrace the gods
and goddesses, nonetheless, and occasionally lifting
the deities up on a heavenly journey. Above is and
example of a temple site near Nara Devi, in the
heart of Kathmandu.
The central image is: Maha Shanta Sweta Darma Chakra Tara, a
White Tara, the image to her right is: Prajnaparamita Tara, and the
Green Tara on her left is Arya Tara. These three Taras, especially
the center White Tara, are considered the most powerful in the
world. They are located in Utumbahal, Kathmandu, Nepal. These
photos were taken by the temple priest and are very rare. My thanks
to Bhubaha Priest for providing his personal pictures of the Taras,
which are usually covered with mesh.The central, White Tara, Is
known as the "Speaking Tara," something I had a personal
experience of when visiting the temple.
Buddha Gilding: Above, a Buddha statue is being
gilded with gold. The process involves the mixing of  
gold and mercury, painting the mixture on the statue,
and then heating it with a torch. The mercury
evaporates leaving the gold. Photo: Nepal
Myself beneath a temple-loving- tree near my
home in Nara Devi, Kathmandu, Nepal
Study is an important aspect of a monks meditative
life. Swoyambu, Kathmandu, Nepal
Not only the people of Kathmandu love their
temples, but the trees do too.
Tuka Bahal Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal. This is a smaller stupa, located in a residential courtyard. It is
probably around a thousand years old and has been well cared for. Inside such stupas various precious
objects, gem stones, scripture, paintings, statues, and so forth are placed on a interior mandala. These are
circumambulated as a form of prayer.
Temple Loving Tree or Tree Loving Temple?