Meditation Master of the Karma Raja Maha Vihar, Sonam Guermei, and myself, 1985,
Swoyambu, Nepal
My English students, Pokhara, Nepal---Debu Kagyu Ling monastery 1982 (app) Annapurna top left.
Dobsong Rinboche, makes offering to a newly recognized Turlku,
Tennyi Sabchu Rinpoche. Karma Raja Maha Vihar--1980s
On the lake with one of my students named "tulku."
Kamala with my first daughter Rachel,  in the Himalayas 1985. We did an elaborate
puja for Rachel at the monastery I stayed 12 years earlier. The candles and prasad
are set up on an image of the Buddha's hand; in the center is an efigy of Rachel. All
of her obstructions are transfered to the efigy and later at the conclusion of prayers
the efigy is broken up and thrown on the hillside.
Chokling Rionpoche, left  and his brother,  Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche at the Karma
Raja Maha Vihar, Swoyambu, 1980s.    Link to their website below:
Chokling link
Visiting with HH Trushik Rinboche at his Himalayan monastery Tupten Cholling in the 1980s.  Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche was the first Lama I offered a Katha to, in 1969. We remain
friends to this day.  I am here visiting on my birthday.  Below bottom: Trushik Rinpoche attended by Ngawang Norbu descend the stairs of the shrine room after prayers.
Here is a picture of my teacher, Tripitika Master Hsuan Hua, and Mr Beckstoffer
signing papers during our purchase of what was to become the City of Ten
Thousand Buddhas. also pictured is myself in black cap, bhikshu Heng Kuan,
bikshunis Heng Yin and Heng Chih..
This is another photo of a photo. HH 16th Karmapa is shown here
surrounded by some of the great lamas of the Kagyupa tradition, of
which HH Karmapa presides.
Right: a very young Kyabje  Trushik
The above shots are both of the great master HH Kalu Rinpoche. The shot on the right was shot
of the new incarnation, in Santa Monica, Calif. around 1995 (app???) after he had given a refuge
ceremony. I had brought my two daughters to take refuge.
Above: What you eating; looks pretty good!!!---My daughter Rachel and friend.

Left : Mudra comforts Rachel on a hot monsoon afternoon
Above and left: My how they grow up!! In both photos Mudra
on right and Rachel on left. Recent shot taken this year
(2006) during Mudra's high school graduation ceremony.
Above: the house I built in Nepal near the Swoyambu Stupa.--Below: Work in progress.
The Forestry Minister and I did the first nepalese translation of a
work by Marie Montessori; "What You Should know About Your
Here I am with Samuela and some of her students whom I taught
Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche in Swoyambu. "Mad Monk" (Ngawang Tenzin) a frequent
assistant to Rinpoche is on his left.
Early days of marriage to Kamala after ten years as a fully ordained monk and
about five years as a wandering hermit. We have three lovely children together
and regular contact although no longer married.
My sister Laura and I in Las Vegas a few years ago.
Lama Phuntzo with the young monks of the Karma Leksha Ling. The
monk center with most yellow displayed is Gyalpo Rinpoche,  the
incarnation of a great yogi from Manang Nepal.
My two daughter  as they appeared
daily ready for school.
My Teacher Tripitika Master Hsuan Hua (April 16, 1918 – June 7, 1995) with whom I took the bhikshu precepts in 1971 and remained
with until 1982 when I returned to Nepal. The
Elder Master Hsu Yun saw that the Master was an outstanding individual in Buddhism
and transmitted the Dharma-lineage to him, giving him the Dharma name Hsuan Hua and making him the Ninth Patriarch of the Wei
Yang Sect, the forty-fifth generation since the First Patriarch Mahakashyapa.
A chance encounter with Chokling Rinpoche at the Kathmandu airport in 2005.
Pictured here with my daughter Rachel. We hadn't seen each other for about 12
years. We later spent some time together in subsequent days doing puja in
Pharping and wonderful meals in Kathmandu.
We often had monks come and do prayers for our children. Here are Kuwang
and Karti, from the karma Raja Mahavihar, in Swoyambu,, blessing Rachel.
Some morte shots of my students from Pokhara during my early days in Nepal.
Above we are out of the monastery for a weekly outting---something we all looked
very much forward to, especially the young monks who were under extreame
disipline all week. To the right is the weekly bath.
It was a wonderful six months teaching these monks. Some of them
remaine friends to this day.
Above: Annapurna is slightly visible top left.
Right: Setting up for a fire puja in our
home in Kathmandu.
This monk's name is Doun Dou. I and my daughters
often had tea in his room at the Karma Raja Maha
Vihar/ He would hold my babies in his lap and twirl his
mani wheel and recite mantras blessing them. He lived
a wonderful life past 100.
Late Lama Sonam Guermei, meditation master Karma Raja
Maha Vihar, during Mahakala Puja, New Year. Far right is
Harry Crespi, a Western student of his.
Monks of the Karma Raja Maha Vihar. Once I stayed as a monk in this
monastery and later was married in it.
This is a shot of the great Nyingmapa master HH Kusum Lingpa blessing my
daughter at a ceremopny in Los Angeles; Right a fish release ceremony in
Marina Del Rey with  Kusum Lingpa.
In Tibet, bounced along this road from Lhasa to Tsurphu for many hours to see  17th
Karmapa. Below, the members of our group visiting with His Holiness. I felt very blessed to
be in such good company. two in our group were very close disciples of HH the 16th
Karmapa and this was the first time to visit the new incarnation.
My friend Gyaltsen and I in the Tsurphu monastery. Below:  Karmapa and
Above is the incarnation of Dobsong Rinboche of whom Gyaltsen
(pictured here) was a disciple.  Karmapa had recognized the
incarnation a few days before our arrival.
Tsurphu monastery is tucked into one of many
beautiful Tibetan valleys. We enjoyed a picnic in the
One of my best friends, Himalayan Tiger, Topkhey
Lama and I, Nepal, 1969

We found each other again by chance (after over
30 years during Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche's
instalation of the Maratika Lama) see "drifting
Thapkey Lama and Kailash
Right is some family footage of my son Kailash's
first attempt at mantra recitation. He is having
quite a difficult time of it, as his body language
reveals. Footage was shot at the Self Realization
Fellowship, Los Angeles. Coaching him is
Thapkey  Lama . Enjoy!

Our friend Thapkey Lama passed away in
Nepal on June 16, 2006 after a long battle
with cancer. Our thoughts, love, and
prayers for a favorable rebirth are with him.
My daughter Rachel and I depating Oahu for Kathmandu
Receiving darshan from Kusum Lingpa; my daughter, rachel, barely visible, on right.
Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche presents offering to Lopon Karma Wangchuk during
Maratika enthronement ceremony
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My daughter Rachel with Chokling
Rinpoche at the Kathmandu airport
where we had a surprise meeting.
Here we are inside the small shrine of the self-arisen Tara, in Pharping.  Chokling Rinpoche is
sitting with my daughter Rachel on the left and PT and Maya are on the right.
Here PT asks Chokling Rinpoche a question.
Inside the Guru Rinpoche
cave, Pharping, Nepa
Rachel and I sharing a moment with KyabjeTrushik
Mutual admiration
This is my friend Topkhey sitting opposite my daughter with his four children in the middle. He
was the attendant to Sangye Tenzin Lama. During the year I had spent in the Himalaya in
1969 we became best friends, often gathering wood together and going on full day treks for
monastery supplies. Some years after I left to become a monk, Topkhey took a wife and
began a family.

We had a surprise reunion during the enthronement of the Maratika Lama. Topkhey had
fallen on hard times. The restaurant he established to support his family, in the Everest
region, was no longer providing income for his family.  He had moved to Kathmandu to school
his children, renting out the restaurant to finance his city life and the children's schooling.
But, the Maoist told the rentor that Topkhey was no longer to receive any rent and that they
were to be the new beneficiaries of his labors---to support the Maoist cause!

So it was that this chance meeting afforded me the opportunity to help my old friend. This
photo was taken in the price pal's office, where a few days later I returned with $1,350, a fee
which covered the cost of schooling all four children for one year, and 4 sets of school
uniforms (for each child) and shoes for the year---I felt like the one who got the deal!!!

The school is a non-profit private school; if you are interested in sponsoring a child please
email me at: or
HH Holiness the Dali Lama entering the lecture venue for the Kalachakra
empowerment that was held in Amaravarti 2006
Left: Kalachakra Empowerment 2006,Amarvarti: This fellow is giving a
lesson on how not to receive the Kalachakra empowerment and how to
be disrepectful. Below: Monk section
Kyabje Kusum Lingpa and Chagdud Turlku in Los
My daughter Rachel and I Nepal 1986
Lama Sonam Guermei performing the Maha Kala
Puja, Nepal 1985
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