Palden Dorje; some call the "Little Buddha", is currently in the early months of a
six year meditation and austerity, in Nepal jungles.
These photos were taken Dec.20,2005.
Palden Dorje had not taken food or
water for over seven months, nor
risen  from this site. He had spoken on
a few occassions.
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In utter purity a bright light pervades all;
with its shinning stillness pervading the great void.
Worldly things when closely looked at,
are but illusions seen in dreams.

(Avatamsaka Sutra)

Buddham Sharanam Gachchhami
Kalkika Gyani Tapasvi

Special thanks to Harichandra Lal Singh for translation and Santosh Nepal
for original text.

Rumor spreads like wildfire. But seldom does the actual news surpass in greatness
the rumor. But, it did when the ascetic of Bara emerged as the likely candidate to
carry the Buddha's mantle into the present age. At first, the news was unbelievable.  
In the beginning, those who believed it visited Ratnapuri, in the Bara district, near
Chittwan game reserve. They saw and returned; most believing what their ears had
heard only after their eyes had seen. Over the weeks and months that followed tens
of thousands of people have visited Palden Dorje. These people come from a
segments of society; simple farmers, yogis, children, curious doctors and scientists,
buddhist monks, and businessmen.. In order to confirm the rumour, I, along with any
friends, visited the place. I saw more than what I heard. When I saw the place with my
own eyes, I found that the place was really enchanting. It appeared to me that the
place was created simply for the ascetics. I made up my mind to do something
positive in this regard. My view was shared by the friends who accompanied me to
that place. This decision led us to revisit Ratnapuri on Kartik 9, 2062 (Oct. 26, 2005)
to collect as much information as possible regarding the wonderful ascetic and the
place of his stay. We collected the information about the home of the ascetic in
Makwanpur, and his parents by inquiring with their near and dear ones, neighbours
and friends. Then, we prepared this article. The process of our study and inquiry to
get further information is going on. We express our sincere gratefulness to those
friends who helped us in this effort. We expect the comments of the intellectuals in
this regard.

According to scriptures, Nepal is an abode of sacrifice and meditation of saints and
sages. Each and everything of Nepal and its diversity has its own religious
significance. Nepal is not simply an abode of gods and goddesses; its religious sites
and pilgrimages have their own glorious heritage. We are the descendants of those
saints and sages who have illuminated the light of knowledge by dint of their
penance and self-mortification. We must always think of doing things which are
beneficial to mankind. We must practice good conduct. We must live in peace and
harmony. We must follow the path shown by Siddhartha Gautam 2560 years ago-the
path of non-violence. Palden Dorje who is absorbed in meditation in the dawn of 21st
century has put forth this message.

Just as the sun's light dispels darkness, similarly the path shown by a wise man
removes negative aspects of the society.
The living example of this is Palden Dorje who was born at Bungjar, ward no. 5 of
Ratanpuri Village Development Committee of Bara district.

This young ascetic was born in the Full Moon Day of the month of Chaitra on
Baisakh 27, 2046 (May 9, 1989). According to his parents and neighbours, his
boyhood was quite different from that of other boys. According to the information
available about his boyhood, he used to look at the worship activity done by other
people persistently and he used to engage himself in the worship in the Peepal free
lying close by. Since his boyhood he was quiet and of peaceful nature and he
avoided slaughter of animals and fighting. All the members of the family including
neighbors were surprised to see his strange behavior. Gautam Buddha had
displayed similar character in Tilaurakot in the Kapilvastu district during his boyhood.

When he was only 4 to 5 years old he used to take food set aside for him only after
other people took food. If the food was defiled by others, he used to stay hungry the
whole day. Once he had taken the food, he never took extra food. When his parents
asked him why he did not take extra food, he used to smile and reply that he was not
hungry. He never quarreled with his friends nor with the members of his family. He
used to remain silent in a pensive mood.

His mother showing the place of his birth

His education began at Shree Nepal Rashtriya Primary School, Bungjor. However, he
was granted Panchsheel by Sombahadur Lama who lived at Sudha, ward no.8 of
Chhatiwan VDC.

His teacher Som Bahadur said, "His education began when his parents handed him
over to me. He was obedient. He never said 'no' to my word. He was friendly and
sociable and he received education in that manner. He used to say frequently that
his attention was much more drawn towards meditation than towards reading books.
He was granted initiation of Panchasheel in a group of nine students at one time.
Even though it was customary to cut hair before initiation, he hesitated to cut hair."

This is what his Guru Sombahadur Lama retold about his memory and his
conversion as Palden Dorje. Similarly, he recollected having confined Palden Dorje
in a cave for a month and said," After completing education for two years, I took all
nine initiates to Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, for sight seeing. Eight
initiates returned but he refused to return from there. Instead, he went to Dehradun.
He acquired additional education from the Gurus of Dehradun and returned to

Guru Som Bahadur Lama

During his stay at Pokhara he became sick. His bodily parts below the waist line did
not function. Then, the Buddhists of Pokhara sent him home by paying his bus fare.
He was treated at home. His health condition improved gradually. But, he could not
walk straight. He limped."

On Jestha 3, 2062, (May 16, 2005) all of a sudden, Palden Dorje called all the
members of the family and told them, "Don't kill animals. Don't take intoxicating
drinks. If you do that it will be harmful to you." Hearing this much they went to bed.
Then, exactly at 12 in the same night he left home. Then, the members of his family
and others were surprised at his disappearance. A hectic search was made and they
found him rapt in meditation at Ratnapuri, VDC ward no.1, in the middle of the forest
south of their place. At the time of locating him he was sitting in the Padmasana
posture under the Peepal tree with both eyes shut. The relatives who reached there
discussed among themselves the steps to be taken. They sat in front of him waiting
to see him awake. Their entire attention was focussed on his eyes. He woke up
suddenly thereby putting an end to their curiosity and addressed to them all," All of
you go home. I am meditating upon God. Nothing wrong will  happen to me." His
mother Mayadevi was not prepared to leave him alone in such a deserted and
solitary place. His mother said. "I cannot leave you here alone." Then he plucked six
leaves of the Peepal tree, handed them over to his mother and said." "Take these
leaves home and keep them in a safe condition. If you lose these leaves, you will not
be able to find me. If you keep them in a safe condition, I will remain with you for
ever." His mother keeps remembering these words and the moments of the agony of

On Bhadra 2, 2062, (Aug.18, 2005) Palden Dorje asked his guru to prepare five

Rama, the family name of Palden Dorje, was found in this place absorbed in

When the Guru replied that he did not know the name of those five Tormos, he told
the name of those Tormos systematically. Recollecting the past incidents, the Guru
said, "on Jestha 17, 2062 (May 29, 2003), Palden Dorje work up from meditation. I
asked him if he did not like to stay at home. He replied that he did not like to do
anything and all that he wanted to do was to meditate. I asked him why he did not
take any food. I also asked him if he was not hungry. He replied that two Nagas
(snakes) would sit here on the right and left side and the Naga sitting on the right
side would give him milk and that was enough for him. He said that nobody should be
worried about him." These words surprised the Guru. The Guru also recollected,
"Palden Dorje asked me to send a Lama on the day of Janai Purnima. He also asked
me to offer the burning of Lakhbati (One hundred thousand lamps). If you have no
capacity to offer Lakhbati you may offer any number you can. Then you can count
the number you offer as Lakhbati. Since then, he has not spoken a word." The Guru
is convinced that Palden Dorje is the third incarnation of the Buddha who knows
past, present and can forecast future."

Interesting incidents have occurred in the course of the collection of information. The
dream that the Guru, his mother Mayadevi and a neighbouring woman saw was of
similar nature. One had seen the sight of a big white elephant approaching the
Tapovana (a sacred grove) was standing facing southward. Another person had
seen a girl facing westward. Yet another person had seen an ascetic while
uncovering the lid of a fountain with a snake at its head. The mother of Palden Dorje
had also seen a dream. She at first declined to disclose it. It was only after a
persistent call that she told what she had seen in dream.

Gyansagar Lama, the famous Guru who preaches non-violence, visited the
Tapovana on Kartik 7, 2062 (Oct. 24, 2005). He sat in mediation and seeing the light
of fire burning in the eyes of Palden Dorje, he declared that the latter was the third
incarnation of the Buddha.

The Namobuddha Tapovana Conservation Committee has already been formed in
that place and the activities have been launched at the instruction of that committee.
Chairman of that committee Vedbahadur Lama and others stayed there one night.
They saw the green light burning in the body of Palden Dorje at 10 P.M., yellow light
at 11 P.M. and full light at 12 P.M. This was told by Vedbhadur Lama.

The number of the people visiting the jungle at Charkose Jhadi at Ratanpuri VDC of
Bara district to see ascetic Palden Dorje who has been staying there in meditation
for the last six months for peace and enlightenment is increasing day by day.
According to his brother Ganga Bahadur Bamjan, Palden Dorje is meditating under
the influence of the Buddha and his philosophy. He had kept away from any kind of
slaughter, violence and sexual misconnect. According to the family source, Palden
has made a deep study of Buddhist philosophy. Thus, as he is absorbed in
meditation without taking any food a long time, many people have taken him to be
another incarnation of the Buddha. Mahesh Bhandari of Nijagadh describes Palden
Dorje as a great successful ascetic who can control mind and body.

In the past Palden Dorje used to visit monasteries and request the Gurus to teach
him Buddhist philosophy. According to the family source, the Lama Guru of
Makwanpur had taught him the Tibetan language of the Lamas. Palden Dorje had
been sent to various monasteries for education.

That is why, Palden Dorje could sit in meditation in the cross-legged position with
eyes closed like that of the Buddha.

The place where Palden Dorje grew up

In the 75th day of meditation, he opened the eyes and asked his elder brother
Ganga Bahadur Bamjan to call him by the words "Om Namo Buddha Gyani". He
again returned to meditation. Since that day he was addressed as "Om Namo
Buddha Gyani" (Salute to the wise Buddha)

Many interesting incidents have occurred during the time of meditation. One incident
was that of Basudev Adhikari's daughter Parvati Adhikari who suddenly gained the
power of speech at the sight of Palden Droje. But when a member of the family
expressed disbelief at this incident, Parvati lost the power of speech after four days.
Another incident was that of Madhav Bhattarai of Chandranigahapur. The 22-year
dumb boy named Rajesh Mahat who is working as a servant of Madhav Bhattarai
gained the power of speech after the visit to the ascetic. After this incident, the
number of people from Bara, Parsa, Rautahat and Makwanpur and the border areas
of India visiting there to see the ascetic are increasing. The high ranking people are
increasingly attracted to visit the Tapovana for the grace of the ascetic.

In the course of the occurrence of incidents at Tapovana area, an important incident
occurred on Kartik 20, 2062 (Nov. 6, 2005). A snake appeared all of a sudden and
bit at the calf of the left leg of Palden Dorje. Then he shivered and sweat appeared
in his body. As he was about to fall down, the people were deprived of seeing him.
Similar incident had occurred three months ago. His Guru believed that the Naga
had bitten him to invigorate him as he was losing energy. This incident may be a
thing of study for religious believers and scientists. The fact that a person should be
absorbed in meditation continuously for six months without taking food shows that
the person must have magic power.

On Kartik 22, 2062 (Nov. 8, 2005), it was informed to the public that the ascetic
himself would address the people. On that day, he said that he had so far acquired
Remedhheya energy and that he had yet to acquire the Buddha's energy. He
therefore, asked the people not to publicise him as an incarnation of the Buddha. He
said that he did not require any treatment even if he was bitten by a snake. He
further said that as he was in meditation for bringing peace in the world. He wanted
the people to maintain peaceful environment in the Tapovana area at least for six

Lord Krishna has said in the Gita that whenever the world is afflicted by the mounting
pressure of sin, misconduct, violence, he would appear to remedy the situation.

We are in the threshold of 21st century when science is leading our society in a
challenging way. How does our society react to the meditation in this deserted
forest? Even scientists, intellectuals and religious teachers have been confused in
this regard. We feel that Palden Dorje is our common asset. It is our common
responsibility to protect him and to conserve the area. In order to avoid the
disturbance and pollution created by the busy traffic of the people visiting this area
to see the ascetic, it is necessary that His Majesty's Government take necessary
steps for conserving this area and for providing basic facilities to the anxious people
and devotees. We are grateful to you all.

Father         :         Bir Bahadur Bamjan
Mother         :         Mayadevi Bamjan
Chairman         :         Ved Bahadur Lama
Brother         :         Gangajit Lama & our entire collaborators

From Om Namo Guru Buddha Gyani (Tulku Tamang Rinpoche)
From Om Namo Guru Buddha Gyani (Tulku Tamang Rinpoche)

By: Singha Bahadur Tamang, 2005

Additional information about Palden Dorje (entered Jan 7, 06

It is said that is ancient times, Tamangs used to fly in the air, meditated without
taking foods, talked with trees and used to sit still for a long time.
One of the ancestors of Palden Dorje was known in Lalitpur as flying Lama.
Palden Dorje learnt chhyogi (Tamang's sacred book) from Som Bahadur Lama for
two years. He was sent to a cave for a month.
He went to Lumbini to celebrate the Buddha Jayanti in 2003. Other Lamas returned
but he went to Shakya Gumba of Dehradun. The Shakya Gumba named him
Chhiring Dorje Lama. Then, he returned home in December 2004.
Nirodh Sutra (Health Formula Monthly Bulletin
It has been proved at the time of the Buddha that self-mortification does not lead to
enlightenment. In a hot place of Bara district like Ratanpur, it is not possible to be
alive without taking food and water for over six months.

From : Rajdhani Weekly Dec. 26, 2005

Study Report :
A nine member committee was constituted under convenorship of Rambhakta
Bamjan to make an on-the-study about the ascetic Ram Bahadur Bamjan (Palden
Dorje Lama) who is absorbed in meditation in Ratnagar VDC in Bara district for the
last six months without taking any food or water. The on -the-spot study has
confirmed that the report is correct. The report has been made public on Dec. 26,
2005 by Nepal Tamang National Federation and Samakhusi Tamang Family Fund.
The report said that the observation team had carefully watched the activities of the
ascetic Bamjan. Convenor Rambhakta Bamjan said that the team had recorded
those activities for 48 hours and that the video record of the same had been
The report said that during the time of observation the glimpse of small lamp passed
into the chest of the ascetic and disappeared and after sometime the same light
came out from his body and disappeared following the same direction.
The advisor of the committee Gunjaman Lama expressed the view that everybody
should extend cooperation to the effort made by the young ascetic for peace in

Rajdhani Daily December 28, 2005
A sort of competition is going on to make documentary films abut the ascetic Palden
Dorje. Foreigners have already prepared documentary films about this event.
Nepalese cine- makers have not lagged behind.
Some people of Nijagadh have already made a documentary film entitled I am not a
Buddhist and have floated it in the local market. In two weeks after this initiative,
another documentary entitled Antaryatra (Inner journey) has seen made public. This
documentary has been shown to the pressmen in Kathmandu.
The director of the documentary film Jibesh Yonjan told the press that he would
continue making films about the ascetic in the interval of three months. Special thing
about the documentary is that the ascetic has been shown alive by showing his
respiration activity.

Kantipur, Dec. ..., 2005
Suryanath Adhikari, Tanahu

Let there be search about new Buddha?
Many rumours have been spread about Palden Dorje. If some people have taken
him as the incarnation of the Buddha, other people have raised various questions
about him.
The questions are : will the pious people only see the new Buddha? Is isn't possible
that he has been given tonic tablets instead of actual foods? Why is his relative
alone allowed to go near Palden Dorje? Why is Palden Dorje not available in the
evening after 5 or before 5 in the morning? Isn't the image of Palden Dorje simply
Now, who will decide whether Palden Dorje is the incarnation of the Buddha. The
authoritative body in this regard is definitely the Department of Archaeology?

From : White paper weekly Dec., 24, 205
The incidence of the meditation by ascetic Ram Bahadur Bamjan at Ratnapur VDC
in Bara is being commercialised by some opportunities for making money. They have
been making fake photos and images of ascetic Ram Bahadur.
More than 500 opportunists in the name of volunteers are involved in this business.
It is said that the daily activities of the said ascetic are operated by those volunteers.
According to this source, except volunteers Prem Lama, uncle of the ascetic was
allowed access to the area occupied by the ascetic. The general people are allowed
to reach upto the distance of 50 metre and newsmen and other distinguished visitors
are allowed to reach upto the distance of 25 metres for the sight of the ascetic. The
source also said that a fake Ram Bahadur has been created.
The Tapovana Conservation Committee and volunteers have earned over 100
million rupees, the source said.
In addition to requiring to offer money in certain points while queuing up, the
volunteers threaten the people not to say negative things against the ascetic.
Kantipur 21, 2005
Is not the meditation of Palden Dorje for over six months without food and water a
matter of curiosity? In this regard, we, the physicians, and some academicians, got
the opportunity to visit the area in question. We are: Dr. Ram Prasad Uptrety,
Reader, Institute of Medicine, TU Prof. Dr. Bharat Jha (Bio-Chemistry specialist),
Prof. Dr. Taraman Amatya (Biologist), Dr. Jeeven Bahadur Sherchan, Prof. Dr. Ajaya
Singh Thakur, Dr. A.K. Shukla.
As we are students of science, it is but natural for us to believe in things which can
be proved scientifically. Science has taught us that in the absence of food for a long
time, a man cannot survive for longer days, especially when he does not take
drinking water. If there is no movement or activity, muscles of the body dry up. If that
is so, how can Palden Dorje survive for six months? Is he alive or not? Isn't it a
matter of study? Is it proper to neglect this simply on the basis of our study of
science for a few years?

-Dr. Ram Prasad Uptrety, TU, Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj

From : Saptahik Janmabhumi (Vernacular Weekly) Dec. 31, 2005

Challenge generated by the meditation of Palden Dorje

If the scientists claim that a person cannot live for several months without food and
water is right, the meditation of Palden Dorje presents a challenge. Comments and
rumours are a-float on this matter in various places and in the press. Therefore, it
has become urgent that the government make public the real story behind it.
The business of making money by printing books, pamphlets, cassettes and selling
them at high price by claiming Palden Dorje as the incarnation of the Buddha is
According to the Buddhist tradition, to meditate in such a manner by a Buddhist
follower is not a strange thing. But, that the news of Palden Dorje’s meditation should
get publicity is natural. It is also true that one should be alert against the swindlers
who create unnecessary rumours.
If Palden Dorje is really meditating or if he is meditating for the elemental know-ledge
(tatwajnana), it is definitely a happy news. If he can give a new message of peace for
putting an end to murder, violence and terrorism, it will definitely be a glorious matter
for the nation. But, now whatever publicity has been given about Palden Dorje does
not help him.
There is a kind of fair around the meditation site of Palden Dorje. The news of the
meditation has also spread in the European countries. The Western scientists have
reacted to this news that the fact that a person is under meditation for over six
months is a challenge to modern science. The assurance given by Palden Dorje to
his parents has been published in the newspapers. There is a rush of people around
the meditation site for meeting the ascetic for months. Recently, a team of the
professors of science of Tribhuvan University has visited the site. This team has
suggested the government and the concerned bodies the need to make an
investigation into the matter.
The study, observation and inspection team was formed by Nepal Tamang National
Federation on Mangsir 7, 2062 (Nov. 22, 2005). The team consisting of nine
members paid visit to the actual site and made a study. The team had also a
suspicion whether the ascetic Bomjon in meditation for a long time was alive. But, this
observation cleared the doubt and he was alive.
Local and foreign press have covered the news. In course of the study, the team
also analysed the press reports and materials contained therein. Among the
materials we studied, one was the article by Gauri Bahadur Karki entitled “Without
food for six months” published in Kantipur daily. The article gave us the solid basis of
believing that one could live without food for months. On the basis of the logic of that
article and our study we found that ascetic Bomjon is meditating without food.
It has also been rumoured that Bomjon used to take food and water in the night and
meditate all the day. Some, however, suspected that an image of Bomjon was
erected. Different sources of mass to find out the reality. The team made the study
for eight days day and night without interruption. The team found that Bomjon was
meditating without any movement. This finding proved that Bomjon did not take food
at night, too.
Incidentally, the same day, a team of Indian news channel named Sahara headed by
Mukesh Kumar came to that site. They also had video recording of the activity there
for 48 hours. The team met the members of the family of Bomjon and local residents.
The latter did not have any doubt about Bomjon’s meditation.
The team had sought permission to do video-recording of the activity of Bomjon.
They had rejected our request on the ground that the video light might disturb the
ascetic. But, later they agreed. In course of the inspection, the faint glimpse of light
emanating from the left side of the ascetic was seen passing into the chest of the
ascetic. Sometime later, the light that came out from the ascetic’s body disappeared
from the same route. Video recording has the proof of this matter.

From Vision Nepal, a Vernacular fortnightly, December 20, 2005

Title : “I am not the Buddha”
A documentary film has been made about Palden Dorje Lama who is in meditation
since, Jestha 3, (May 16, 2005) in a jungle 8 k.m. from Nijagadh, Bara. Thousands of
men and women have reached there to see the 16 year old ascetic under the Peepal
tree without taking food and water. He is a subject of controversy as to whether he is
the incarnation of the Buddha.
The documentary film has covered various kinds of actions and reactions about the
ascetic Lama. According to the Director Pemasiddhi Lama, this documentary film is
an attempt to dispel the doubts about the ascetic Lama.

Palden Dorje VIDEO

This is a clip from a much longer video given to us by Palden Dorje's brother
while on our December 05 visit.  I selected this clip because I think this is
particulaly interesting. The clip shows Palden Dorje emerging from his
meditation on one of only two or three occasions during the four months he
had been sitting without food or water or arising from his seat. After he said a
few words he again enetered meditation and was such when I got this video
on the 3rd day of the seventh month of his meditation.

The ease and playfulness which Palden Dorje emerged from several months of
mediation demonstrates the fact that he is not merely in an uncoscious trance.
Indeed he demonstrates the fact that is spoken of in the Avatamsaka Sutra
where it states: "True emptiness does not obstruct wonderful existence and
wonderful existence does not obstruct true emptiness." He consciously enteres
in and out of his deep metitation and it is this very ability that demonstrates its
depth and the fact that this is not a trance.

The rest of the video shows people coming and going in vehicles of all sorts
from bicycles to trucks, the shops selling goods, interviews with his brother,
and pics of his family, shots of Palden Dorje's surroundings, etc.
Shotened version
Longer version
New Palden Dorje Video from the BBC
by his his attendants  shortly after his
Nepal's 'Buddha' boy goes missing  
By Bhagirath Yogi
BBC News, Kathmandu  

Ram Bomjan's followers claimed he did not take food or water  
A 16-year-old boy who had been meditating and fasting in a Nepal forest for 10 months has been
missing since Saturday morning, police say.
Locals and police searched the area in the southern district of Bara but have not been able to
locate him so far.

Police have rejected reports that the young boy, popularly known as "Little Buddha", may have
been abducted.

His followers say Ram Bomjan may have moved deep inside the forest looking for a quieter place
to meditate.

Hundreds of people used to visit the area every day where the young boy was meditating.

Make-shift shops had been set up by the locals to cater to the visitors who came from different
parts of Nepal and neighbouring India.

Buddhist flags were erected around the site where Bomjan was meditating.

Booklets carrying his photo and CDs sold like hotcakes in Kathmandu and other parts of the

'No food or water'

His followers claimed that Bomjan did not take food or even water throughout his t10 month-long

They refused, however, to allow any independent investigation about the health conditions of
Bomjan saying that "it would disturb him."

The authorities also did not intervene to avoid hurting local feeling.

While critics accused Bomjan's followers of fooling people, the young boy continued to hog media

Tired from the decade-old armed conflict that has already claimed more than 13,000 lives,
followers of Bomjan claimed that he was an incarnation of Lord Buddha who was born in Nepal
more than 2,500 years ago.

They are still hoping that Bomjan will reappear somewhere deep in the forest and continue his
Buddha Boy ‘found’ in Bara

Himalayan News Service
Bara, March 19:

The Om Namo Buddha Tapaswi Sewa Samiti (ONBTSS) today clai-med to have found Ram Bahadur
Bamjan, the Buddha Boy, who had gone missing on March 11 from under a peepal tree at Ratanpuri on the
banks of the Bakaiya river in Charkose Jhadi in Bara district.
Bamjan was found in a forest at Gopeni, three kilometres southwest from Ratanpuri today. Police Inspector
of the Unified Security Base Camp Nijgadh, Ram Kamal Acharya, quoting
Ved Bahadur Thing, the chairman of the ONBTSS said, the Buddha Boy was seen walking with seven
members of the committee in the forest of Gopeni.
Acharya further said, Bamjan left Ratanpuri due to excess noise and that he would resume his meditation at
a spot he reached after walking five days and five nights.
“The Buddha Boy said don’t search me for next six years. I shall be near my birth place.”
NIJGADH, March 20 - Chairman of Om Namobuddha Committee, that looks after the area where 'Buddha
Boy' Ram Bahadur Bomjan meditated for 10 months, reportedly without food and water, before
disappearing last week, claimed on Sunday that Bomjan briefly appeared in a forest, talked to committee
members and disappeared again promising to return after six years.
Bomjan was spotted at 8 a.m. Sunday morning some three kilometres southwest of the meditation spot,
claimed chairman Bed Bahadur Lama.
"We had reached there looking for him," Lama said. "He was standing beneath a tree attired in yellow."
According to Lama, a team of seven people had reached there looking for the 'Buddha Boy' who reportedly
vanished after reappearing for half an hour. "He said he would reappear after six years. He has asked
monks to perform prayers in the meditation spot," Lama claimed.
Bomjan reportedly told the team that he had reappeared to take leave of the committee, as he had left
without informing them. "I left because there is no peace here," Lama quoted Bomjan as saying. "Tell my
parents not to worry about me."
According to Lama, the team offered a khada to Bomjan and conversed with him. "He asked people not to
worry about him and said that he is still in Nepal," Lama said.
"However, he said that no one could find him. He also said that he has camped in an undisclosed place
where he reached after walking for five days and five nights," Lama further said.
Meanwhile, the committee members today screened a video, which they claimed they had filmed during
Bomjan's brief reappearance.
Namaste,  (Written in late 2005) On my visit to Palden Dorje

As some of you know I am in Nepal on pilgrimage to holy sites and saintly people.  
Some of you have probably heard about Palden Dorje (Ram Bomjon) who many
are saying is the second Buddha, now living in the jungles of Nepal, enclosed in a
Pipul Tree and having sat continuously in deep meditation for over six months
without moving. Equally remarkable, this great yogi has not taken food or water
and is only fifteen years old. He has only begun his quest and has  stated that he
will continue sitting for six years. Yesterday I went out to see him with three friends
from Manang , two of whom are themselves accomplished dharma practitioners.  
Below is a summary of the trip for those who might be interested.

The jungle where Palden Dorje is staying is about an 8 hour drive from
Kathmandu. We thought it was much shorter and arrived late, at almost sunset.
This turned out to be a good thing, as the crowds had left some time before and
we were among the few there. There are two perimeter boundaries surrounding
the tree where Palden Dorje sits. These are there to keep crowds at least 100 feet
away from the yogi. Palden Dorje’s brother was amongst those in charge of the
site and came up to talk to me after I completed some prostrations. He offered to
take me inside the perimeter to be closer to his brother and to light butter lamps
on a small shrine set up for that purpose. This I did accompanied with two of my
Managi  companions. The other companion was not permitted to enter,
presumably because they did not want more than the three of us inside (after we
were done our friend was allowed in.)

In my life I have never seen anyone as still as Palden Dorji. I have seen yogis and
great teachers motionless in Samadhi; but this yogi actually looks like he has been
sitting for seven months; the power of his stillness is unforgettagble.

We arrived December 20, and Palden Dorji had just a few days earlier completed
7 months sitting in the same spot without food or water. He has spoken and moved
only twice. Once when he got bit by a snake (many believe a cobra) and another
to answer some questions put to him by his brother at the request of pilgrims.
There were two snake bites, one of which turned his flesh purple. He requested
that no help be called for, but simply asked that a cloth be draped in front of the
tree for five days.

I found it interesting that no one stays with him at night to protect him (against wild
animals or wild people.) His brother and a Tibetan Lama as well as a few other
guardians all leave at night and come back in the early morning. Perhaps the
jungle is too raw and they are afraid (this is in the Chitwan reserve area known for
tigers, rhino, elephants, etc.)  I have come to find out this evening that the problem
of danger (particularly human) is a concern shared by many and that currently
Tibetan lamas are in discussion with the government of Nepal (whoever that is) to
create a safer environment for him.

I would like to point out that early on Palden Dorji stated that he is not the second
Buddha and that he is only a very high bodhisattva and the aim of his current
meditation and austerity is to bring him closer to his goal of Buddhahood. He made
it plain that he does not wish to be referred to as “Buddha,” a wish for the most
part ignored.

A short bio of Palden Dorji’s life and family has been published in Nepalese. I am
currently in the process of getting it translated into English. I hope to have it done
in a week or so. I intend to publish it on the web at: when it is
completed (1st or second week of January) . So if you are interested check there
first or second week of January.

I have taken a couple of photos which are attached to this email. They are small
files for email. If you would like a print let me know and I will try and send you one
when I return to USA.
Pilgrims flock to see 'Buddha boy' said to have fasted six months
By Thomas Bell in Bara District, Nepal
(Filed: Nov. 1, 05)

Thousands of pilgrims are pouring into the dense jungle of southern Nepal to worship a
15-year-old boy who has been hailed as a new Buddha.
Devotees claim that Ram Bomjon, who is silently meditating beneath a tree, has not eaten or
drunk anything since he sat down at his chosen spot six months ago.

Ram Bomjon maintains his vigil in the shade of his pipal tree
Witnesses say they have seen light emanating from the teenager's forehead.
"It looks a bit like when you shine a torch through your hand," said Tek Bahadur Lama, a
member of the committee responsible for dealing with the growing number of visitors from
India and elsewhere in Nepal.
Photographs of Ram Bomjon, available for five rupees (4p) from his makeshift shrine, have
become ubiquitous across the region. "Far and wide, it's the only topic of conversation," said
Upendra Lamichami, a local journalist.
He said no allegation had yet emerged of Ram breaking his fast or moving, even to relieve
Santa Raj Subedi, the chief government official in Bara district, appealed to the capital,
Kathmandu, for assistance in dealing with the influx of visitors, and for a team of scients to
examine the case.
Local doctors failed to reach a final conclusion, although they were allowed no closer than
five yards from the boy mystic, declaring that they could confirm no more than that he was
The popularity of the phenomenon is partly because it resembles an episode in the life of the
historical Buddha, who was born 160 miles away around 543 BC. The Buddha achieved
enlightenment when he meditated beneath a sacred pipal tree for 49 days.
Ram Bomjon is also sitting beneath a pipal tree, in the same posture as the Buddha is
depicted, but his vigil has already taken longer.
Ram's mother, who is called Maya Devi, like the Buddha's mother, admits to anxiety,
particularly at meal times. But she tells herself: "God took him to the forest and I have faith
that God will feed him."
She said: "He's definitely got thinner. Early in the morning he looks sunken, like there's no
blood in him, but as the sun rises he seems to get brighter and brighter."
The fervour increased last week when a snake is said to have bitten Ram, and a curtain was
drawn around him.
After five days it was opened and he spoke. "Tell the people not to call me a Buddha. I don't
have the Buddha's energy. I am at the level of rinpoche [lesser divinity].
"A snake bit me but I do not need treatment. I need six years of deep meditation."
Despite his protestations, "Buddha boy" is famous.
A thriving market has grown in the once pristine forest, supplying pilgrims with everything from
chewing tobacco and bicycle repairs to incense and sacred amulets. The ground is covered
in litter.
A fence was built around Ram's tree to prevent pilgrims prodding him, then a second, and
now a third is planned, as well as a bus park, leaving Ram at the centre of an ever growing
circle of rubbish.
Prakash Lamsal, a businessman said: "Some people are selling 2,500 rupees [£20] worth of
tea a day.
"These lamas [monks] are going to build mansions out of this. If I wasn't a bit embarrassed I'd
take a van down there and set up a stall."
'Buddha Boy' comes into contact, disappears again
Nepaleyes Report
Hetauda, March 19    
'Buddha Boy' Ram Bahadur Bomjan, who had disappeared mysteriously from his meditating site in
Ratanpuri village of Bara district nine days ago, came into contact on Sunday briefly before disappearing
again.Bomjan returned to the jungles to meditate after coming into contact with seven members of Tapoban
Preservation Committee south-west of his meditating site, Bed Bahadur Thing, chairman of the committee,
told our correspondent in Hetauda.According to Thing, Bomjan said he left the meditating place due to
increasing disturbance and asked them not to search for him and worry about him. The committee later
showed media workers a visual clip in which Bomjan said he will be meditating for six years in the jungles of
Nepal.Bomjan, who started meditating without any food or water for the last 10 months, attracted a huge
national and international media attention when he revealed that he would be meditating for six more years.
Scientists to check Nepal Buddha boy
By Navin Singh Khadka
BBC News, Kathmandu

Word has spread quickly about the teenager's meditation
A meditating teenage boy in south-central Nepal is drawing the attention of scientists after attracting huge
crowds in the past six months and earning himself the name Buddha-reincarnate.
They are mulling over how to examine him without disturbing his meditation.
Ram Bahadur Bamjan's friends, relatives and managers say he has been meditating without drinking water for
six months now and that he will carry on for another six years until he gains enlightenment - as did the Buddha
some 250km (160 miles) away in Lumbini in western Nepal.
Siddartha Gautam, who later attained Mahanirvana and became the Buddha, was born in 560 BC.
Grown weak
Word spread quickly about the teenager and people around Ratanapuri village in Bara district began to visit
Bamjan, 15, who has been sitting cross-legged in a traditional Buddha posture under a peepal tree.
Bamjan's eyes are closed and his body firm, encased in a whitish shawl.

His hair has grown long and has almost covered his eyes. Villagers say he has grown weak.
His picture has been appearing regularly in newspapers and people now look for updates on him.
Many around Bara worship him as the reincarnation of the Buddha.
The tree is festooned and the air has the smell of incense sticks.
The dramatically increased movement of people has generated economic opportunities.
Makeshift shops have sprung up and offerings in cash and kind are on the rise.

I sometimes go to see him but he does not talk to me

Maya Devi Tamang, mother
"Almost 500,000 rupees ($7,000) have been deposited in the bank by devotees," says Prajapati Koirala, a
senior government administrator in the area. That is apart from the donations visitors make on the spot.
Local people have formed a committee to make sure Bamjan gets the right environment to meditate and to
manage the influx of visitors and the offerings they make.
The most frequently asked questions: Does he remain seated like that and meditate even at night? Does he not
eat or drink at all?
Some say he has eaten nothing since he began his meditation, others that he used to take a milk-like liquid
from the roots of the peepal tree at the beginning.
Most people can live without food for several weeks, with the body drawing on its fat and protein stores. But the
average human can survive for only three to four days without water.

He never touched alcohol

Salden Lama, schoolteacher
Followers of holy men and ascetics have often ascribed extraordinary powers to them, but such powers are
seldom subject to scientific inspection.
But the number of people seeking real evidence here is increasing.
Under pressure, locals have asked the administration to find out the truth.
"We have agreed to conduct a scientific examination on him," said the local administrator, Mr Koirala.
The challenge is to do so without touching him.
Mr Koirala said scientists from the Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology were due to arrive to
conduct the examination.
It remains unclear how they will do it.
"At least the scientists will be able to see whether he meditates the whole night or not," said Deekpal
Chaudhary, who sells incense sticks to visitors.
Monastery tour
Bamjan's family members say they have no idea what is going on.
His mother fainted when she found out her son had undertaken an indefinite meditation.

Many worship Ram Bahadur Bamjan as the reincarnation of Buddha
"I sometimes go to see him but he does not talk to me," said Maya Devi Tamang.
"I don't know what will happen to him but I know that god will help him."
The name of Buddha's mother was also Maya Devi, a point Bamjan's devotees have stressed.
The family said Bamjan was different from his four brothers. They said he did not speak much and stayed aloof.
"He never touched alcohol," said his primary education teacher, Salden Lama.
Relatives and neighbours said Bamjan undertook meditation when he returned from a tour of Lumbini, where
Buddha was born, and monasteries in Pokhara in Nepal and Dehradun in India.
Friend and cousin Prem Lama remembers Bamjan saying that he did not want people to call him Buddha as he
had only reached primary enlightenment.
Bamjan has spoken only a few times since he began the meditation, according to Prem Lama.
He said the first time Bamjan spoke was when a snake bit him around a month ago.
Bamjan took the incident as his second test, which he must overcome, Prem Lama said.
In the first test he was also bitten by a snake - three months after he began the meditation.
The second snake-bite episode led to increased curiosity.
After being bitten, Bamjan was said to have asked his aides to put a curtain around him.
"In less than a week he asked us to take the curtain away," Prem Lama said.
Now another curtain is to be drawn around Bamjan - for the scientific examination.                  
Palden Dorje Bio (Ram Bomjon)
Palden Dorje---courtesy Gopal

December 27, 2006

Elusive mystic ... Ram Bahadur Bomjon meditating in the Nepalese forest.

A MYSTERIOUS teenaged boy believed by some to be a reincarnation of Buddha has reappeared in
eastern Nepal after vanishing for nine months.

Ram Bahadur Bomjon, 16, was spotted on Sunday by villagers in a dense forest near Piluwa village, in
Bara district, 150 kilometres east of Kathmandu, a television channel said.

Ram disappeared in March from forests in nearby Ratanpuri village, where he had reportedly been
meditating without food or water for almost 10 months.

"I have been wandering in the forests since then," a local journalist, Raji Shrestha, quoted Ram as telling
him. "I am engaged in devotion which will continue for six years."

Hundreds of curious onlookers, including many Buddhists, thronged the site to see the boy, who was said
to be sitting in a meditating position.

A local TV station showed people pressing their palms together and bowing their heads in devotion in front
of him.

"I don't think he is a Buddha. But he has some sort of extra strength to meditate. He eats herbs," Shrestha

Before his disappearance, an estimated 100,000 people from India and Nepal, which has a Hindu majority,
flocked to see him meditate. They were not allowed to get closer than about 50 metres.

Shrestha said the boy had shoulder-length hair and sat cross-legged under a small tree.

"He has an ash-coloured shawl wrapped across his chest," he said, adding the boy had a "flat-ended
scimitar" next to him.

The boy told pilgrims he was forced to abandon his earlier site because of the constant stream of visitors.
He asked his former assistants to resume their positions and instructed them that visitors keep a distance
of about 10 metres from him.

Buddha was born a prince in Lumbini, a dusty village in Nepal's rice-growing plains west of Kathmandu,
2600 years ago.

He is believed to have attained enlightenment at Bodh Gaya in the eastern Indian state of Bihar, which
borders Nepal.
October 1, 2009 update at end
(Most recent at bottom of page)
March 11, 2007---I have not been posting every news item on Palden Dorje in recent months. As
many of you know Palden Dorje changed locations some months ago to retreat to a more secluded
location. This move did not surprise me as the place he was had large crowds on a daily basis (even
though the spot was initoially secluded.) After some ten months there,  he again returned to the
previous spot, stayed a few months and is now gone again, as the article below explains. My
daughter, Mudra, who returned from Nepal in Novemeber told me that many Nepalese have lost faith
in him. This is probablly because they are disappointed that he has been moving about, more than
anything else. In any case, from what I have seen he is a very accomplished meditator. We will
probablly have to wait some years before we will have the opportunity to hear what he has to teach, if
anything, and then know much more about this gifted being than we do today.
Nepal's mystery "Buddha boy" goes missing again
Sun Mar 11, 2007 2:15am ET

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - A 16-year-old Nepali boy who thousands of people believe is a reincarnation of
Buddha has gone missing from the site where he had been meditating for more than two months.

Since first appearing in 2005, Ram Bahadur Bamjon has drawn more than 100,000 people to the dense
forests of southeastern Nepal to see him sitting cross-legged beneath a tree.

Bamjon left the site late on Thursday, said a police officer in Jijgadh, 150 km (95 miles) southeast of

The boy had been meditating there since December, when he reappeared after going missing for nearly
10 months last year.
Buddha Boy Update: Ram Bahadur Bomjon Now
Meditating in Pit
March 28, 2007

28 March: Ram Bahadur Bomjon, popularly known as the “Buddha Boy”, who stole the limelight after
spending months in meditation, reportedly without food and water, has been found again, meditating
inside a pit dug underground at Ratanpuri recently. Bomjon, who had started meditation under a
Pipal tree in the village, had gone missing since March 11, 2006, and again reappeared on
December 25 the same year. According to Inspector Rameshwor Yadav of the Area Police Post
Nijgadh, Bomjon was inside the bunker-like square ditch of seven feet.

“We call it bunker,” he said, adding, “Although it’s seven feet deep, there is no lack of oxygen
inside,” said Yadav, who claimed to have seen him going inside it from close range Monday (Mar 26).
A police team, under the command of Yadav, had gone to the place after word of Bomjon being on
underground meditation spread in the area. “His face was clean and hair was combed well,” Yadav
said. According to him, “the bunker” has been cemented from all sides with roof of tiles. Even as
frequent “hide and seek” were continuing, some locals recently spotted him in the local forest on 9th
March. After his mysterious disappearance last year, his “disciples” had claimed that he had gone in
search of a peaceful place for the purpose, as thousands of curious people began visiting him daily
then. However, a few others had even termed it a ploy of his followers to earn popularity and money.

Indra Lama, a local, who has been deployed as caretaker for him since he began meditation, said
the “bunker” was prepared as per Bomjon’s order. “After granting audience a week ago, he
expressed his desire to meditate inside the ground; so we built it,” he said.By Upendra Lamichhane

Nepal’s Buddha boy plans live burial, says report
Web posted at: 3/27/2007 9:40:14
Source ::: IANS
Kathmandu • Ram Bahadur Bomjan – Nepal's "Buddha Boy" whose followers claim he has meditated without
food or water – is back in the news with media reports suggesting that he plans to be buried alive while

The teenager from Ratanpuri village in southern Nepal's Bara district has remained in the headlines since he
surfaced under a tree in the Charkoshi forest in 2005, meditating cross-legged, just as the Buddha is depicted.

Clad only in a strip of white cloth, the boy was the object of intense reverence as well as curiosity after reports
said he had been praying at the same spot in the same posture for nearly nine months without food or water.

Then, just as abruptly as he had surfaced he vanished, prompting a long search by followers, villagers and
security forces. He reappeared in a nearby forest and reportedly told his followers that he had left the earlier
meditation site because it was getting too crowded.

This year, Bomjan was reported to have disappeared once again only to resurface in the Halpuriya area of Bara
district where he was said to be planning to embark on an even more difficult form of meditation.

Bomjan now plans to begin 'patal samadhi' (underground meditation), a private TV channel reported yesterday,
quoting a local journalist. According to reports, his followers have already dug up an eight-feet deep trench in
which Bomjan plans to descend. The trench will be then filled.

Asian religious traditions narrate tales of holy men being buried alive, braving extreme heat or cold and
subjecting the body to other torments in order to master the senses and attain salvation. A question is being
asked whether the district administration will allow Bomjan's followers to bury him. There has been no official
Aug. 10,07 update

Ram Bahadur Bomjom, the Buddha Boy, Starts Preaching: Arrival of a Meditation Guru or a Religious

The Buddha in New Avatar? Ram Bahadur Bomjom lectures a crowd. Pics by Upendra Lamichhane

Finally, Ram Bahadur Bomjom, the Buddha Boy, has started preaching. The committee that looks
after ‘the modern Buddha’, Namo Buddha Tapoban Committee, assembled a large crowd yesterday in
Hallori Jungle in Bara district of southern Nepal that was addressed by a long haired boy clad in a
maroon robe. The notice about the first ever preaching by the boy was broadcast in a local FM radio
station and the committed also invited people by phone. Around three thousand people gathered to
listen to Ram Bahadur Bomjom. Dying to know about his message? Okay, don’t fait but here it is:
“The only way we can save this nation is through religion.” Being happy or sad depends on what you
were expecting: a meditation guru or a religious zealot. Sounds like the second version is coming out
but there is still plenty of time ahead to get to know the real Bomjom. But then even Buddha was
thrashed by his contemporary society. So lets have our finger crossed for the time being.
Ram Bahadur Bomjom spoke with several pauses as if he was finding it very difficult to communicate
in the language of human being. Just to kill another possible curiosity Ram Bahadur was using Nepali
language while preaching via a big mike. He also requested the people not to be skeptical about him
and disturb him. Ram Bahadur was first spotted meditating in Ratanpuri Jungle of Bara on Jestha 2,
2062 (almost 27 months ago) and he disappeared for about nine months saying that it was difficult for
him to concentrate because of the disturbance created by the visiting crowd. He was discovered in
Baghjhor Jungle, about eight kilometers west from where he had disappeared, with a sword on his
side on Chaitra 10, 2063 (almost four months ago). The next day he entered into a bunker made up
of cement sin Halkhori to mediate
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Palden Dorje official site
Mataji and
Swami Vallaiananda.
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Nijgad, Nepal // embed media  
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In Nepal, from November 19th to the 24th, 2009 Palden Dorje a.k.a. Ram Bahadur Bomjan (Ram
Bomjon) will bless pilgrims at the site of the Gadhi Mai Fair which is likely the largest animal
sacrificing festival in the world. He plans this appearance in order to protest the killing of more than
550,000 large animals and countless small ones before they take place on the 24th at the Gadhi
Mai Festival near Nijgad in Bara District. This Ancient Nepali Festival takes place once every five
years in honor of the goddess Ghadi Mai, also known as Durga. The sacrifices are said to bring
good fortune.

Palden Dorje, 19, has been negotiating the ceremony with the leaders of the Ghadi Mai Mela (fair).
The priests of the fair are showing an unwillingness to co-operate as the sales of animals at the
stalls provide a substantial profit. This year is foreseen to be the largest festival ever with a few
million pilgrims, both from Nepal and India.

Palden Dorje became world famous when he began a six year meditation at fifteen to promote
world peace in May of 2005. He meditated for at least ten months in front of crowds apparently
without sustenance in Bara District’s Ratanpuri before disappearing to continue his meditation in
private. He interrupts his meditation once a year to give blessings to pilgrims. He is in the fifth year
of his meditation.

Last year, 2008, he gave blessings in November. Approximately 400,000 pilgrims queued in the
Halkoriya Jungle to receive his blessings over a 12 day period. He made two speeches in which he
urged people to recognize the compassion and loving kindness in their hearts.

This year Palden Dorje is expected to make two speeches at the opening and closing of the
blessing ceremony encouraging people to reconsider this cruel practice and to make vegetarian
sacrifices instead.