To the practitioner Kung (Emptyness,)

When you practice the Path, inside there is no body and mind and outside there is no world. That
being the case, one does not seek for fame or personal benefit; even more one does not become
attached to wealth, form, or sexual gratification. One regards money like dirt. One regards
beautiful objects as flowers in the sky (empty adornments). Don’t become confused by external
states; don’t be effected by illusory conditions. Be unmoving like a mountain. It is difficult to
transcend yin and yang. When there is a powerful wind, you want to be an unmoving flame. Inside
you should have a fierce fire to refine your gold. Only consider helping others and forget
yourself. Definitely do not bestow kindness because you want something in return. Within what is
true, be even more true. Within what is real, become even more real. Transcend the thinking of
ordinary people, they are unable to fathom you. Don’t pay attention to gods, ghosts, and spirits. In
your practice there should be no events going on. Be apart from appearances, and don’t talk and
praise that which cannot be praised. Don’t do away with that which can’t be done away with,
because you can’t praise that which cannot be praised or do away with that which cannot be done
away with. Then you will be thus thus unmoving, eternally bright and understanding. Then your
light can illuminate the generations to come and your enlightened understanding will continue
without disruption.

Now I repeat these instructions in verse.

In raising your head and moving your feet, accord with heaven and earth.
Just as the ocean includes the waters of a hundred rivers
When you are without any attachments at all, that is true happiness.
If you let go of the myriad conditions, you don’t need to worry what year it is.
When you have the ease that comes from mastering yourself and quietly contemplate
Then you transcend the world of opposites.
Then there is no way to express this incredible good fortune, because it is an indescribable state.
Don't seek externally, because everything is false.
Who knows the original nature is the universe of a billion worlds?

These instructions of the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, respectfully written down by Ong Song
An, in the year 3004 of the Buddhist calendar, tenth month (1977,) on an auspicious day, in Daly
City, California.