The site I created and launched in on Dec.26, 1998 disappeared  sometime in May
2005 (approximately.) The site was hosted by aaahawk and I have thus far been
unable to contact them to find out what has happened to the site. Moreover I have
no downloaded copies of the site or its database. The site developers may have a
copy of the initial architecture of the site, but thus far this has not been confirmed.

The initial idea to develop buddhadharma.com came to me after I had missed a
lecture of  HH Dali Lama. I thought that I would not have missed the teaching if a
site such as moviefone (which list movies in one's area based on zip codes) existed
for dharma teachings. I contacted some programmers and $5,000 of my personal
funds and about three months later buddhadharma.com was launched.

Whether it will be back again or not I do not know; but in the meantime I will offer
some dharma related news from my life and photos to share with you.  I just want
those of you who may be wondering what has happened to our site to know  the
situation and offer you my apologies for any inconvenience it may have caused.  
Although buddhadharma.com was not as widely used as I would have liked, I  am
deeply appreciative of those of you who did share your event info on the site thus
making the dharma more available to others.
Lost in the World Wide Web        
About Us

Richard Josephson
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I established this website to share with others my own insight as a practitioner still very
much in the heart of the struggle with no accomplishment to speak of.  I have made a
commitment to keep my suggestions in accord with the spoken word of the Buddha. I also
view this website as an exercise to help me clarify my own thoughts.

Richard Josephson